World's Cheers for Thailand ―For Thai people, please upload your warm smile and message!!!―

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 “ I did pull a stall of Thai noodle for many years. The income was not good.But I still worked every day, even if it rains, even on a day hot....But an important stall has been carried away by this flood.... I am really sad....How should I live from now on?....”

    Thai woman was speechless while staring at the town which was submerged under water.

Dear to everyone

    Can you have some your time for us?

    In Thailand, many villages and towns are flooding by a historic deluge now. Many Thai people are forced to lead a hard life. The victims increase day by day. It will not be only the inundation damage in future. There will be the issue of food, the issue of hygiene and the problem of the infectious disease and so on.

    Even though in the face of such severe situation, Thai people don't forget perfect smile. “Thailand land of smile” The Thai people so seem to have sturdiness and the real ability that any kind of difficulty overcomes with a smile.

    In retrospect, at the time of great earthquake disaster that attacked Japan in this March, the Thai people sent a lot of warm smiles and support messages to the Japanese. “I love Japan” “keep going forward” “Ganbattene!!” “keep your mind” “you are not alone” “Thai for Japan”....

    All messages arrived in the heart of Japanese people hurt by an earthquake disaster. We felt the importance of advancing with a smile forward. In addition, we felt the splendor of connection between people of the world.

    The Thai people are receiving the serious flood damage now. We want to do a gift in return. We want to send warm smiles and messages to their hurt mind. Therefore we form this group.We collect a warm smile and the words of the yell from not only Japan but also various countries in the world. And we will send it to the Thai people.

    We wait for your cooperation heartily.

- 4 items which we want to ask you for. -

①Please print this file (jpeg file) and "write your message and national flag".
(You can find your national flag at the web site below. You can print and put on your message board, if possible.)

*In case you do not have a printer, you do not have to use the file above. Please write a message in your own way to cheer Thai people.

②Please take a photo or video your message and a smile for Thai people. The photograph has any problem in neither an individual nor the group.

③Please upload your message and an exceptional smile on the group page.

④We want to collect the messages from the people of many countries. We aim for 100 images (about 100 countries). If you have other country's friends, spread this information.

    For Thai people fighting against a deluge day and night, please upload your warm smile and message.

Respectfully yours,

World’s Cheers for Thailand

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